Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bonjour Bella.

Hello Lovelys! After 6 days of paris, I'm back home. Since Uni is so stressfull lately, it was so nice to get away for a little while and don't think about presentations, group work and all that. So, what can I say?! Paris is incredibly stunning! My friend and I had an amazing time, we saw so much, explored Paris pretty much by foot and enjoyed life! This city has such character, it's amazing! All the old buildings with ornaments, window blinds in all kind of colors and those huge pretty hall doors with hand helds in golden. The streets filled with parisienne looking super chic and carrying baguettes is just so unique. Everywhere you go, you see Boulangeries with the delicious looking pains au chocolat and croissants, pieces of Quiche and tartlets, they probably have the best bakery's on earth! Once you passed one historical building, there comes another one within the next couple minutes. I mean I bet nothing compared to Rome, but still very noticeable. The people are very friendly and kind, I only was shocked how little english they speak. I tried my best in french, though. lol. Oh, and throughout the trip I've learned that I'm the american speaking german originally coming from Sweden. Haha people are so funny (:
So here comes Paris-through-the-eyes-of-my-camera-best-of:


Versailles and Disneyland post is coming soon. Friday tomorrow!! I'm so looking forward to the weekend because I'm going home to my parent's and my best friend comes to visit. Aw, can't fcking wait! With her life is beautiful! Hope you have a good start in the weekend! xx