Thursday, June 27, 2013

Personal Pixie.

Hello Lovelys! Here comes some random unimportant stuff about me, haha.
30 Weird Facts About Me: 
1. I sing everywhere and in the strangest situations, even silently during exams, yes.
2. I could sit for hours stare at every single piece of my hair and pull out the split ends.
3. I never set my alarm to an even time, impossible!
4. I stick at nothing when it comes to taking the perfect picture.
5. I can’t finish the day without talking to my best friend.
6. I memorize nothing more easily than song lyrics, it’s kind of ridiculous.
7. When I get a new book or magazine I’ll immediately smell on it and don’t even realize that I look like a creep.
8. In the middle of a German sentence, I say an English word because I can’t freaking think of the translation.
9. It’s impossible to fall asleep with cold feet.
10. I've been maintaining a love-hate relationship with my hair.
 11. My best friend is the only person I’ve ever been in love with.
12. I dislike compliments that are limited to the way I look.
13. The most uncomfortable thing is to talk in front of a huge unknown crowd of people.
14. It’s kind of a torture if a good up-tempo song is coming on and there is no dance floor around.
15. Basically, most people disgust me and here, I don’t mean by looks.
16. I have this thing for nice lips, on men.
17. I absolutely hate small talk conversations.
18. I still hope for newspaper’s  in an A4 format.
19. I do have a TV, I just never ever watch it.
20. I can’t think/talk about death.

21. Most confidential to anyone. Super shy to someone I like.
22. I rather go to the dentist than to the hair dresser.
23. Music sometimes gets me so much, I could cry.
24. I adore cats.
25. Nature leaves me breathless sometimes.
26. I never was an easy child.
27. Sometimes I wish I was more superficial, then life would be easier.
28. My hairdresser once tried to dye my hair brown, it didn’t work, my hair didn’t take the color.
29. I rather listen than talk.
30. I’m crazy when it comes to recycling.
After an 2h train ride sitting on the floor because the train was packed, I'm finally homeeee. Happy Faced
Hope you're smiling xx

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