Thursday, June 13, 2013

Wednesday Workday.

Hello Lovers! Soo, this is what my last couple days were pretty much made of: Getting some sun on my skin (always wear sunscreen!), drinking water (3liters a day!) and stuuuudyyyiiiiingggg! Buhh! 

It's that kind of good boredom, though. It's boredom because you don't want to study but you can't go out either because you have to study. For heaven's sake, this makes perfect sense!

Sunglasses: Gina Tricot
Bikini: H&M
Waterbottle: PINK by Victoria's Secret
Tank Top: New Look

Miss I'm-taking-too-many-pictures-when-I'm-bored is not allowed to post something within the next couple days! Bye for now! (: xx

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