Thursday, January 9, 2014

Inspirational Impulse.

Hello there! Yes, it's this month of the year, again!! I'm right in the middle of my exams and that pretty much means it's time again to procrastinate to the fullest, haha. It's horrible but it's always the same. So, here's what I've been spending my breakes from studying mostly with (and can't never stop):
I'm running a blog on tumblr, where I only reblog stuff that I like from other blogs. There are a lot of things, that inspire me. 
Click here to see my blog.

 And I've even created another one, that is all about motivation for the new year. I've been always eating healthy and exercise but there have always been those phases in life when I stopped and ate junk, I never did it regularly. So I thought new year new change. This helps me get motivation to always stay in shape. 
Click here to see my fitness blog.

 Hope you'll find some inspiration, lovelys! xx

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