Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Magical Moments & Memories.

Hey there! This is a throwback of my summer vacation in 2012. Oh my god, it sounds so long ago but it feels like it was yesterday. I've never posted this because I haven't had the blog at this time. So, I thought I should at least show some of my favorite pictures.
California Roadtrip with my sister
Los Angeles

Laguna Beach


Las Vegas
So, I'm not really crazy about the most luxurious hotelroom ever, but I gotta say the view from the PALMS hotelroom was breathtaking!! We had a huge room of which two of the walls were glass facades. We came home in the middle of the night and just gazed out of the windows. Amazing moment!
Grand Canyon.
 On our way to deathvalley.
Hearst Castle in San Simeon. Absolute insider Tip! 
Most beautiful castle and garden area I've been to.
San Francisco

So, as I said these are only the best of pictures. We've seen so many other plaeces than only seen on the pictures. Yosemite National Park was incrdible as well. San Diego is a beautiful city, it was really sad that we've only gone there for a day...
Hope you got some impressions of this beautiful place. If you hadn't visited yet, you definitely have, to at least once in your life!


  1. it REALLY feels like it was yesterday and i can't believe it was already in 2012 <3