Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Proper Personal Planning.

Hello there! I am so picky when it comes to calenders. Looking for the perfect calender -same procedure as every year! Last couple years I've bought a simple agenda, that I created myself with some kind of a collage. This time, I came across with this german website, where you are able to create your calender with your own pictures. I made the photo collage myself with a photo editing programme, then uploaded it as a whole. The pictures are all made by me and some gorgeous memories with some lovely people.
Florence with one of my closest friends.
Paris with her, too.
Greece with my best friend.
California with my sister.
South Africa with my mom, my dad and my sister.
Favorite Places. Favorite People.
So, here's the result:

You can create the front and the back with your own pictures, add some words etc. You can choose the color of everything individually (layout inside; front strip, letter color etc.) It's pretty nice stuff (:
Click here to create your own individual agenda. (german website)

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  1. Dein Zitat auf dem Kalender ist supertoll <3
    Tolkien hat einfach megaschöne Sachen verfasst :)

    LG Vera von