Thursday, July 25, 2013

Neverland Nights.

I met up with some friends to chill by the lake, had some drinks and chat a little. It was really nice and fun. Walking home was a blast, it was so warm, I didn't even need a sweater, I listened to Passenger and walkedddddd. I love taking walks, specially in the dark, it's amazing. Thinking how messed up life is but then that it's actually not that bad and that there is so much to be happy about. I mean let's be thankful for the moments we've had and the people we share it with, even if it does sound ridiculously cheesy. haha. Didn't wanna arrive at home, I just wanted to keep on walking, listen to my music and wander around through the night like a creepy little girl who got lost in the dark.
All songs by Passenger are amazing, specially the acoustic versions, the album is very recommendable!
Laters, Lovelys. xx

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