Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Piece of Picture Perfect.

Hello Lovelys! Aww, I finally booked the summer vacation with my best friend! I couldn't stop smiling yesterday, I'm walking on air happy!! We're going to stay on the Greece Island Kos and really want to go on a ferry to Santorini for a day trip so bad!!
I'm also very excited about the vacation with my parents to Lago Maggiore, Italy, it's gonna be beautiful! The only thing I need to do before going is to convince my dad to go to Milano for a day, if he still doesn't want to, I'll go on my own, it's really not far, so I'm sure a bus will take me there, haha. My dad is planning on going to Switzerland after to go a little hiking in the mountain with my mom and I, yeah! We used to go hiking when I was little and I was constantly complaining about it, but now since I enjoy it very much, I'm actually pretty excited!! (:
Perfect place with my favorite person.

Disclaimer: all pictures from Pinterest

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