Monday, July 22, 2013

Paddling Passion.

Hello there!! The last couple days were so much fun, I went to some places and enjoyed the weather to its fullest. It's the perfect summer weather! 
My parents & I left on saturday morning to go for a daytrip to this little town called Rheinsberg. We rented a canoe for the day and paddled around the lakes, were on the beach and finished the day with some really delicious dinner. I've only got two lovely hours of sleep the night before, so the later the day got the more achausted I was. Haha, my parents totally understood, so they paddeled all the way back on their own while I lay in the boat and got some rest. Bestest Caring Parents! haha

I forgot my SLR camera at my sister's, so only boring digital camera pictures buhhh. Will have her back asap!
Keep smiling, Lovelys! xx

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