Monday, July 8, 2013

Butter in Berlin.

Hello there! Berlin Fashionweek is over, so I thought it's on time for me to post a little bit about it. I worked at the PREMIUM Fashion Trade Show for butter LONDON and it was a total blast! I mean, of course, it was stressful and I had long days with not so much sleep but still so worth it! We worked in corporation with JACKS beauty department which is all about cosmetics. 
I presented the new nailpolish spring collection from butter, their lip products as well as some care products for the nails. 
Butter is a very high quality polish that has compared to other nail polish brands very good and non-harmful ingredients, has great covorage, lasts very long on the nail and they dry within a few minutes. I love them!
Check them out online: 
Germany finally has a new online shop as well:

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